Apatieh Tanged Graphite

The Expanded Non-Asbestos Graphite Sheet Re-Enforced with Tanged Metal.


Gasket Sheet, made of Flexible Graphite, Re-Enforced by a Tanged Stainless Steel (316), 0.2 mm Thickness .



Made for various gaskets.

Suitable for petrochemical, Mining, Vessels, Boilers, Piping, and Ducting, Pumps and high pressure Valves & Flanges etc.

Temperature: -100 up to 600 C Pressure: Above 250 Bar


Permanently Elastic, even in Hot & Cold cycles over the entire temperature range, no brittle’s, no hot or cold ow, long time uniform comprehensibility.

Application Media:

Steam, Mineral Oils, Fuel, Water, etc.

Forms of Supply:

Sheets Gasket (with or Without Inner & Outer Steel Ring Depend upon Request)