Packing Rings and Pressure seals


Virtually all Media with the exception of Powerful Oxidizing Media our Rings Offer a Leak-free Sealing Solution for High Performance Valve Application which Require Excellent Temperature and Pressure Characteristics.


Our Rings Have Outstanding Chemical Resistance and are Unaffected by the Majority of Chemical Media employed within Industry.

Our Rings are a Result of Industry’s Requirement to find Durable Products Able to Offer Improved Sealing Throughout a Range of Applications.

The Manufacturing Process Ensures a Product that is Volumetrically Stable – without Fillers or Binders. Our rings are also Essentially Impermeable and without Porosity .

Our Rings Manufacture Virtually any Size, Section or Density of Our Rings depending upon Requirement.

Information required:

I)OD, ID and Ring Height

ii) Section and Prole

iii) Endless, Halved or Split rings

iv) Density

v) Dept of Stuffing Box