Apatieh Foil Insert

The Expanded Non-Asbestos Graphite Laminate Sheets. Description: Graphite Laminate with Flat Stainless Steel (316) Insert, 0.1 mm Thickness. Pure expanded mineral Graphite laminated. Due to natural characteristics of Graphite this is a high quality material with a universal use in high temperature and pressure service. excellent resistance to system. Specification: Application: meets most Refinery, Petrochemical اطلاعت بیشتر دربارهApatieh Foil Insert[…]

Apatieh Tanged Graphite

The Expanded Non-Asbestos Graphite Sheet Re-Enforced with Tanged Metal. Description: Gasket Sheet, made of Flexible Graphite, Re-Enforced by a Tanged Stainless Steel (316), 0.2 mm Thickness . Specification: Application: Made for various gaskets. Suitable for petrochemical, Mining, Vessels, Boilers, Piping, and Ducting, Pumps and high pressure Valves & Flanges etc. Temperature: -100 up to 600 اطلاعت بیشتر دربارهApatieh Tanged Graphite[…]